Open OnDemand

Open OnDemand is a new resource that provides easy access to pronto using your web browser. It is accessible to all pronto users, but considered to be in testing.

Getting Started

To access Open OnDemand, you must first have a Pronto lab group account.

Then visit:

You must be on campus or connected to the VPN for this page to be reachable.

ondemand dashboard

Current Features

Interactive Desktop

The Interactive Desktop app provides a graphical user interface that runs as a batch job on pronto. Any module that can be loaded in a normal Pronto batch job can be loaded within the interactive desktop. In addition, the following modules have easy-to-use launcher shortcuts.

  • Matlab
  • Mathematica
  • RStudio

For more information, see this article: How to use the Interactive Desktop on Open OnDemand


JupyterLab is a web-based interactive development environment. Our JupyterLab currently supports Python and Julia.

For more information, see this article: How to use JupyterLab on Open OnDemand

File Manager

The file manager provides a simple web interface to upload and download files to pronto. We do not recommend using this for large files. You should use Globus instead.

Shell Access

This app lets you connect to pronto using ssh right from your web browser.

Active Jobs

This app shows the jobs currently running on pronto.

Job Composer

The Job Composer app contains templates for launching various types of jobs on pronto.

For more information, see this article: How to use the Job Composer on Open OnDemand