Available GPU Types

GPU Type RAM Compute Capability Quantity
a100_3g.20gb 20GB sm_80 2
a100-pcie 40GB sm_80 15
a100-sxm4-80gb 80GB sm_80 12
v100-fhhl-16G 16GB sm_70 3
v100-pcie-16G 16GB sm_70 3
v100-sxm2-32G 32GB sm_70 8
rtx_2080_Ti 11GB sm_75 4
rtx_6000 24GB sm_75 16
gtx_1080_ti 11GB sm_61 5

This list may not always be up to date. To get the most recent list, you can run this on pronto:

sinfo --partition=gpu -o %n,%G

Use a Specific Type in a Batch Job

Change this line of your batch script:

#SBATCH --gres=gpu:1

to this:

#SBATCH --gres=gpu:rtx_2080_Ti:1

Replace rtx_2080_Ti with the actual type of GPU you want to use.