XSEDE is an NSF funded group which exists to facilitate access to a variety of computational resources - particularly HPC clusters. 

Examples of some of the resources available via XSEDE include:

  • TACC Jetstream
  • Open Science Grid
  • PSC Bridges
  • SDSC Comet
  • TACC Stampede2

The XSEDE model works via a grant application program where time is awarded per project (it does not cost you, as researchers, any money to use XSEDE). Startup awards are available for new XSEDE researchers and they're quite generous with those awards, often granting thousands of compute hours for the first year.

We have two Campus Champions at Iowa State University who can help you though the application process, and provide assistance with getting started on XSEDE:

Please contact any one of us if you're ready to expand  your computing capabilities beyond what we have available on campus.