How to Cite Research IT Resources

If you are citing any resources that you have used on our website, please be sure to cite the main homepage ( along with Iowa State University Research IT. 


If you used any specific software guides from our site, be sure to also give credit to the original author of the software. You can usually find these within the provided links provided to you in our guides. For example, Braker has a Github link at the beginning and the homepage has a list of citations created by the author of the software here.


Here are a few formal examples of citing ResearchIT:


MLA Format: 

"ResearchIT." LAS ResearchIT, Iowa State University,


APA Format:

ResearchIT. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Chicago Style Format:

"Iowa State University ResearchIT."


Here are a few informal examples of citations used in other research papers:


The authors acknowledge computational support and assistance from the Iowa State University ResearchIT Unit (


Servers and IT support were provided by the Research IT group at Iowa State University